What Additional Home Insurance Options Should You Look For?

Additional Home Insurance Options

Additional Home Insurance Options

When it comes to updating or taking out home insurance, there are a number of additional options that you can include within your policy.

Although some people are only concerned with insuring the bricks and mortar, it seems logical to enquire about extra add-ons while you have the chance. So, if you’re in the process of sorting out your existing policy and you want to get full value from your cover, what additional insurance extras are there to consider?

1. Garden secure cover
If you spend a lot of time in your garden keeping it in pristine condition, you’ll be disappointed if any damage is caused to it.

Harsh weather conditions could ruin your azaleas, roses and hydrangeas and make your garden look a little worse for wear. There are also a number of other threats that can ruin your beautiful outdoor space, such as vandalism and theft.

With garden secure cover, your walls, gates, fences, hedges, patios, lawns, trees, shrubs, plants and trellis, which you own which are outside you home but within the boundaries of your home, will be insured from loss or damage caused by:-

• Theft
• Fire, lightning or explosion
• Storm or flood
• Malicious damage
• Accidental damage caused by any person other than you or your family
• Wild animals
• Television aerials, dishes and masonry falling from the building
• Branches falling from trees

For a full list of what you are/are not insured for, please refer to our policy book or visit our website.

2. Home emergency cover
Home Emergency cover gives you 24 hour assistance within your home for emergencies which are the result of sudden and unforeseen incidents where you need immediate help to prevent damage or further damage to your home or to anyone living there.

24 hour assistance within your home for emergencies associated with:
• Plumbing and Drainage
• the Main heating system
• Your Domestic Power Supply
• the Toilet Unit
• the Cooking System
• Home Security
• Lost Keys
• Pest Infestation

What is covered?
• Parts
• Labour
• Materials

Some situations you cannot claim for:-
• Any leaking or dripping tap that required replacing
• The replacement cost of your boiler if it uneconomical to repair
• Water supply pipes that you yourself are not responsible for
• Cost of replacement parts due to natural wear and tear
• The cost of work carried out without the Insurer’s approval

For a full list of what you can and cannot claim for, please refer to our policy book or visit our website.

3. Matching sets cover
In the event you make a claim under the main Buildings or the Accidental damage extension to the main Buildings section, this Matching sets cover provides:

• Cover for the cost of replacing, recovering or remodelling undamaged pieces of a matching set of sanitary fittings or other fixtures and fittings; or

• Cover for the loss of value to undamaged items in a matching set of sanitary fittings or other fixtures and fittings; arising from another item in the set being lost or damaged providing the insurer of the main buildings section cannot repair the individual items or replace it to match.
For a full list of what you are/are not insured for, please refer to our policy book or visit our website.

Adding home insurance extras
Remember, it’s likely that most of these options won’t be included within your standard home insurance policy. Therefore, spend time thinking about whether you need the above protection and if so, get your policy amended straight away.

This guest post was written by Insure4Retirement, a leading home insurance provider for the over 50s.

Insure4Retirement is a trading name of Insurance Dialogue Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales No. 04683616 who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Ref. 307941.

Registered address: Heron House, 8-10 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3NA.

Increasing trend of Donating used cars to Charity

Donating used cars to Charity

Donating used cars to Charity

There are number of reasons to donate your used cars to charity. Some donates their cars to get blessings; some donates to get tax deduction, while some just want to get rid of the old junk placed in their garage. Charity Organizations need the used cars so that it can be used for the medical purpose, food programmes etc. While the charity organizations who don’t want to use the cars, they can sell the used cars and can fund their organization’s activities. You can donate any of your vehicles whether it is cars, trucks, bikes, bulldozers, SUV’s, planes, boats, helicopters etc. Every vehicle is eligible for donation.  Only the main thing is that vehicle should be in your name and the value of vehicle should be more than its cost of towing. Value of car can be calculated only on the basis of current market price i.e. the price car will fetch if it is sold today. There are few things a person must know before donating the car:

1.  Always avoid middlemen. Never take the help of the intermediates in donating your vehicle. These intermediaries keep about 50% to 90% of the value of the car with them and charity will not get much. The best way to donate the cars is that you should donate on your own. If you are little busy and want help of the third party broker than just ask the broker that how much charity will receive from the sale of vehicle. If charity only receives flat fee or monthly agreed price than donor will not be able to get tax exemption.

2. Charity must be IRS registered. In order to get deduction, the charity to which you are making donation must be IRS approved u/s 501(c) (3).  You can search on internet the list of IRS approved charity.

3. Statutory Documents required. Always take the receipt from charity stating that how much value does charity received. However if your donation is more than 500$ than you have to attach IRS Form 8283 to your tax return and if the donation is more than 5000$ than complete proof of donation has to be attached.

Now how much you can claim as a deduction? The amount of deduction is equal to the amount of money received by the charity from the sale of use vehicle. However if the car is not sold and rather it is used for the charity activities than Fair Market value can be taken as deduction.

There are number of ways to donate your car. You can also donate your vehicle online. First of all choose a charity which is IRS approved. Then give the complete details of your car like the year of purchase, chassis number, make, model etc. and also give your name and address. Submit the form by filling all this details and fix the time for vehicle pickup.

Always help the poor people by donating things to charities, NPO’s etc.  Rather than selling them to earn few bucks. Just donate things to earn blessings which are more valuable.

Retirement abroad with our Investment.

When it comes to retirement abroad to have a retreat, British retirees are the first groups to actively engage in retiring abroad. It gives immense pleasure when one plans to have a feast after their term of employment. It’s so obvious that everyone has a dream of retiring abroad but dream can be made into reality only if one potentially works on it. For many people dream remains as dream since adequate planning is not done. The first step to be taken is setting up priorities and asking our spouse’s idea on what matters they are interested with.

Sometimes it is overwhelming and at the same time confusing when one thinks of retiring overseas which has many problems like new language, different climate, exchange rate, cost of living, etc. Also their culture may not be fitting to our needs. So when one plans to invest money in retirement abroad he should always bear in his mind all these things. Many have the idea of retiring abroad but they should consider that investments should be made in a way which would help them reap the benefits in full. Apart from meeting the basic needs after retirement

Retirement Abroad

Retirement Abroad

they should place themselves in a better place in order to meet the luxuries of life. It is also wise to rent a house first before owning them. Since, we may not be aware of all pros and cons of that place. No particular place is heaven for retirees unless they consider them as heaven.

The statutory law, rules, regulations of that country which affects his investments should also be focused on. In order to avoid being scammed by purchasing a stale investment, abroad is by using personal sources and not depending on marketing packages or by some local advertising Some countries may not allow foreigners to have right to property and so it is advisable to have legal counsel before one gets into financial commitments since their laws and languages are different.  Social security number is very important when we travel abroad. We can also have social security forwarded to us when we go abroad.

Health factor should also be considered as to whether it suits us or not. Because after going there, one cannot withstand that climate means it would be a big chaos. Insurance package should be made available. Only few insurance policies give access to excellent health care services.

People need not worry about missing their kith and kin. Gone are the days where if people go abroad they cannot even talk properly. With the advancements of science and technology we can have a face to face conversation. Applications like Skype, Google talk, Apple face time eases our pain of missing loved ones.

Dublin, Ireland is best option for retirees from all over the world. English is fluently spoken so, one need not worry about communication perplexities. Cool summer and mild winters gives vivid feel to people. From the retirees’ perspective, Panama is also best for senior retirees followed by Cyprus, Malaysia, France and Belize.

How to Get the Best Insurance Deal in UK

Insurance Deal

Insurance Deal in UK

Protecting your business against theft and other downturns is the best thing you can offer for your business.  Although many benefits come along with having an effective and reliable insurance cover for any business, the main question is how is it possible for one to get the best insurance deal in the United Kingdom?  This question is of major concern on many people in Britain, because more and more people have decided to venture in the business arena, thus creating an interest on insuring their businesses. Others are taking on the venture for insurance because they want to protect their valuable assets, lives and other materials.


Window shopping is the ultimate way that anyone can use to get to a great business deal.  By window-shopping, we mean  one has to dig deep into multiple insurance service providers in the UK, examining their cover, and determining a company that is giving the  best offer at hand. This is the only way in which one can identify a good company from a group of them. Although this might seem like a simple process, it is certainly not. You need to take quotes from all these companies, which might require you driving to all their locations to access these.
Nevertheless, the information technology sector has improved remarkably, as many companies use an online platform which is easily accessible for everyone to access their quotes easily.   By using these means, it is then possible for one to scrutinize different companies while at the comfort of his or her office, and then settle on one that gives the best services.

Enquiring with friends

Friends and relatives can be great assets especially if you are looking for a company to use as an insurance service provider in UK. The reason why these friends can be of great help is because they could be using one of the best insurance providers in the country. However, before you can go with any company and start using their services, you need first to understand their terms of service, cover and mode of action if required. You should not at any cost use an insurance company just because your friend uses it. You will first need to be comfortable with the company, as a sure way of ensuring you do not get disappointed in the process.

Use an experienced person to help you out

Choosing between many insurance providers can be a hard task at times, especially when it comes to terminologies and policies. If you find these confusing, you might then need to use someone who is well acquainted for the field, or better still, a lawyer. Lawyers are well informed and educated to handle certain terminologies that most insurance companies use, that confuse clients at times.

Check out their customer service

An insurance company should have a high effective and response team when needed, and this can only be tested through its customer service. You can start by asking on an issue with the customer care desk, to see how prompt they are to get back to you. If the company takes more time that it is necessary to respond, then that is not the ultimate company for you. However, if they are swift at answering your questions, and in a satisfactory manner, it then means that they can be reliable.

How to choose a good Real Estate manager?

Real Estate Manager

Real Estate Manager

Any property needs a huge investment and needs to be properly managed. This is possible with the help of a good and efficient real estate manager. You can take the help of various property management firms. With the increase in the number of real estate agency or companies coming up every now and then, it does get difficult to choose the best one and it gets very overwhelming to find out the one which suits you the best. There are a few questions which you need to ask yourself before you finalize on a good property manager.

  • You always need to check if the real estate manager is well versed about the location and also the local laws. This is because as the laws differ from one region to another region. So, you need to make sure that the real estate manager needs to know and have a good idea about the federal laws, building codes and the licensing issues as well. A good manager is the one who keeps himself abreast with the current property issues.
  • You also need to know to what extent you can trust your property manager.  A good character is very important to look for in any person whom you deal with. You need to trust your manager whom you can rely on and who can act on your behalf and as per your interest.
  • A proper communication is also quite important to maintain a good relation and also for him to understand your needs and requirements. A good real estate manager needs to have excellent interpersonal skills as he needs to act as an intermediately in between you and your tenants or owners.  A proper communication is a must in order to make sure that there is no communication breakdown.
  • You also need to check if the property manager is properly organised and detailed. These are a must qualities which you need to check in your property manager. They need to keep up with the all the aspects of renting a house or even if it’s a sale of a property. They are the ones who need to make sure that both the landlords as well as the tenants are happy and share a good and a healthy relationship.
  • Also check for the experience of the real estate manger you are working with. With a good experience, he would be capable of handling any kind of complicated or unexpected situations which might arise during a property deal. This can be quite helpful during some emergency situations or the situations which you are unable to handle by yourself.  Most of them do tend to hire some inexperienced agents to save on some few bucks but they also end up with a very low quality services. Hence, you need to be careful so that you do not get trapped into something like that and choose the best real estate manager who has good reputation and proficiency and who can give you what you need the most.
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